Firearm Transfers

Firearms may be legally purchased online and by mail order as long as the transfer of the firearm is transacted by a licensed firearms dealer.  I provide those transfer services for any buyer purchasing from individuals or businesses online or by mail order.  After a winning bid or online order pay for your purchase then contact the Gunsmith and provide contact information for the seller including name, address, phone number, email address and whether this seller is an individual or a dealer.  I will send the the seller a Vendor copy of my Federal Firearms License and he will ship the firearm to my business address.  When your purchase arrives I will notify you and make an appointment for you to complete the required Federal Firearms Transfer Form and complete the National Instant Check at which time I will deliver your firearm to you.  The cost for this service is $20.00 payable at the time of transfer.

All transfers in South Carolina are subject to the NIC National Instant Check unless the buyer has a South Carolina issued CWP Concealed Weapons Permit.  Purchasers are required to provide a government issued picture ID such as a Drivers License, a State ID Card or Military ID for identification.  THE ADDRESS ON THE ID MUST BE CURRENT.

Transfers of all legal firearms, (except fully automatic weapons, rifles and shotguns excluded due to barrel length or overall length restrictions and those equipped with silencers which require special licensing), can be made through this service.

Cost $20.00 per transfer.

Use the convenient contact form on this website to contact the Gunsmith for more information or to provide seller information for a transfer.